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PD300 Safe Effective Economical Paraffin Removal


PD 300 Paraffin Removal System

is a trailer mounted electrical heating unit that is connected to a producing oil well, which has the ability to treat a well with the use of heat and chemistry by inserting the trailer into the circulating process. The ability to reach desired temperatures throughout the well bore while using chemistry for extended periods of time provides a superior method of paraffin removal.

Why PD 300?

      Treats producing well bores, flow lines, and holding tanks
      Ability to set and adjust temperature from 0° to 350°
      Higher temperature for steel rod strings and holding tanks
      Lower temperatures for fiberglass rod strings and flow lines
      Ability to treat wells for extended periods of time dependent on amount of treatment desired
      Ability to inject chemistry during well treatment
      Desired chemical provided by company
     Extends equipment life & reduces maintenance downtime
Eco Friendly and Patent Pending

Comparison: "Hot Oiling vs PD 300"

Hot Oiling Replacement for Oil Wells is the PD300

"The safe, effective, and economical solution to paraffin removal. The choice is clear"


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